Adrenal for your keyrate

Someone posted that they'd found a way to dramatically increase their keyrate in Linux, and that brought me to wonder if it can be done in Windows.  Turns out it can.

I found this discussion on Stack Overflow, which provided sourcecode and also linked to the executable on GitHub.

The program is called keyrate, and you just open up a command prompt and type keyrate followed by 2 numbers, like this:

keyrate 150 20

This sets a delay of 150ms before beginning to repeat, and a delay of 20ms between repeats. I set mine to 150 and 10 and I rather like it. You can see the result below:

Holding down 'D' is also valid.

It appears that setting a repeat delay shorter than 10 has no effect.  1 or 2 or 5 are not noticeably faster than 10 even though they should be very obviously faster, so there is perhaps a floor on what Windows will allow.  Your directory in the command prompt needs to have access to the file location, either by path or by changing the current directory to where the file is located.  This is outside the scope of this post but if you're struggling you can just put it in c:\keyrate and then navigate there by typing

cd c:\keyrate

My free version of Avast had no complaints about the file and it is posted on a site full of programmers and none of them have complained about anything suspicious or going beyond the stated source code.  That said, obviously you download executables at your own risk.

I tried this out quickly in a custom game vs AI and it does indeed feel much crisper to fill out a page of larva.  I'm finding it a little annoying sometimes while typing so I might disable it when not in game.  You can do that by just typing


with no numbers following it.

Update:  Rebooting Windows clears this setting back out, so you'll need to do it again before firing up Starcraft.  I already have a pre-game ritual of starting SCElight and SC2ReplayStats so I'll just add that to it.  If you want you can create a batch file and have it run on startup, but I'm not going to write a tutorial on that.


  1. Unfortunately I get "This app can't run on your PC" and CMD says Access denied! Latest Win10

  2. Can't open the exe file in windows 10


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