5-3-5 rule for LBH

I'm working on my Ling/Bane/Hydra macro with Railgan's 3-base ZvT opener as a basis.  I'm finding that I get a little lost with the gas expenditures and forget things, so I wanted to create a mnemonic to keep me on track.

There are 5 checkpoints where it is important to start several gas expenditures.  The minor checkpoints have 3 items each.  The Lair and Hive checkpoints have 5 each and are shown in blue.

  • Starting mining gas again and take 2nd gas. 
    • Bane Nest
    • Upgrades (1/1)
    • Lair
  • Lair finishes
    • Hydra Den
    • 4 banelings
    • Bane Speed
    • Upgrades (2/2)
    • Overseer
  • Hydra Den finishes
    • Start hydras (5 initially)
    • Hydra Upgrade
    • Infestation Pit
  • Infestation Pit finishes
    • Start Hive
    • Start Spire
    • Optionally Start Pathogen Glands for infestors.
  • Hive finishes
    • Start vipers (3 initially?)
    • Don't forget evo chambers for Consume!
    • Adrenal Glands
    • Upgrades (3/3)
    • Start transition tech.  Either Ultra Cavern or Greater Spire.

It's definitely missing some of the nuance of Railgan's guide, but at this point what I need is something that I can consistently execute.  I'll worry about adjustments when they start to matter, which I suspect is somewhere in mid to upper Diamond.  I haven't included a lurker transition because I'm not good at using them yet.  Overlord speed also not included.

Once I get this down I'm probably going to implement it or something extremely similar (but with melee/ranged upgrades instead of melee/carapace) in ZvP.  Probably with a 16-hatch instead of pool first.  And then it will be time to stretch my legs on ladder again and see how it's doing.


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